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Judging from my interactions with people during the year, it seems that 2013 has been quite a hard one for many. One of our missions at Brettian Productions is to share a message of hope with those who need it. We do this through story telling and music, made by Christians with a calling to performing arts. Perhaps you have had an encounter with cancer in your family this year? Maybe you have lost your job or maybe your marriage has taken a strain?

This post is all about providing you with a list of films dealing with pertinent life issues. Hopefully through the films you can find a message of hope to inspire you:

DVD Titles now available from Brettian Productions

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Films about Losing a Loved One

Films about Forgiveness 

Films about Family and Marriage

Films about Abortion

Films about Being Disappointed 

Films about Disability

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If you haven’t yet heard of Hartsbegeertes, then here is a little more information all about this South African Film by Renier Weideman:

Synopsis: (Afrikaans synopsis follows below)

HARTSBEGEERTES is a new Afrikaans film which deals with every day circumstances with the focus on two families and their struggles with life and its greater purpose.  Through the lives of the two main characters, Pieter (Renier Weideman) and James (Jacques Gombault), the reality of life’s circumstances are being sketched. In their darkest hour they discover hope, love and a greater purpose in life. 


James is a wealthy and very successful business owner, but even with all his riches he is unable to cure his wife, who is diagnosed with cancer.  These circumstances force him to re-evaluate life from a different perspective. Pieter is a financial advisor who is desperately trying to make a living while helping his farther in law.  His world is falling apart and nothing is going according to plan.  His faith in the fact that there is a greater purpose with his life gives him the strength and courage to go on. Like most people, he wears a ‘mask’ and pretends that everything is fine.  The owner of a large company sees potential in Pieter and presents him with an employment opportunity.  Through his circumstances he realises what it means to have true happiness in the midst of life’s battles and what achieving true success really means.

 HARTSBEGEERTES will give you a hopeful moment to see the world through different eyes which will give you new insight to find both courage and the desire to live your life to the fullest.  We all have our own plans, but what is God’s plan for your life?  This film focuses on the reality of hope, faith and love through our daily struggles. Our character is shaped by the trails and tribulations that we endure. Faith, finance and health (cancer) are topics that are touched on in this film. It is based on the principle that there is a hopeful plan with our lives and that each of us has a purpose on earth.  It’s a film about hope for the future, life, love, your marriage and success.  HARTSBEGEERTES will inspire you to live life to the fullest and to find your propose on earth.

Now available in retail stores nationwide or from www.brettian.com

If you enjoyed this film, you will also enjoy STILTE or JOHNNY

Afrikaans Synopsis:

HARTSBEGEERTES is ‘n nuwe Afrikaanse film oor daaglikse gebeure en omstandighede van twee families. Hul worstelstryd met die lewe en die doel van dinge, word uitgebeeld deur die verhale van die twee hoofkarakters, Pieter (Renier Weideman) en James (Jacques Gombault). Te midde van die donkerste oomblikke vind hulle hoop, liefde en die groter doel van alles. 

James is `n baie suksesvolle besigheidseienaar, maar met al sy rykdom tot sy beskikking, kan hy nie sy vrou help wat gediagnoseer is met kanker nie.  Hierdie omstandighede dwing hom om `n ander uitkyk op die lewe te vorm. Pieter, is ‘n finansiele adviseur.  Hy probeer `n bestaan maak en ook terselfdertyd sy skoonpa help. Pieter se lewe is besig om inmekaar te tuimel en niks werk vir hom uit nie.  Sy vertroue dat daar `n groter plan is met sy lewe gee hom krag en moed om voort te gaan.  Soos alle mense sit hy maar `n “masker” op om voor te gee alles is reg. Die eienaar van `n groot firma sien potensiaal in Pieter en bied vir hom `n werksgeleentheid aan wat baie deure oopmaak vir sy toekoms.  Deur sy omstandighede besef hy wat dit is om ware vreugde ten spyte van sy omstandighede te vind en wat ware sukses behels.

 HARTSBEGEERTES sal vir jou `n hoopvolle oomblik gee waarmee jy die wêreld deur ander oë kan aanskou en tot nuwe insigte kan kom om weer moed en lus vir die lewe te vind.  Ons het almal ons eie planne, maar wat is God se plan vir jou lewe?  Die film bring die werklikheid van hoop, geloof en liefde binne in ons daaglikse worstelinge. Onderwerpe soos geloof, finansies en gesondheid (kanker) word aangeraak in die storie.  Daar is `n plan vir elke mens se lewe en deur donker tye van beproewing word ons karakter gevorm.  Die hart van die film is gebasseer op die beginsel dat daar `n hoopvolle plan vir jou lewe is en jy `n doel op aarde het.  Hoop vir die toekoms, die lewe, vir liefde, jou huwelik en sukses.  HARTSBEGEERTES sal jou inspireer om voluit te lewe en jou doel op aarde te vind!

Rest in Peace Madiba


Today it is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of an icon. If we can learn anything from the life of this man, it is that he lived with purpose and fought for a better life for all. He never claimed to be a saint, only a sinner who kept on trying. Today we take up a challenge. What will you do with your time on earth? What will people say about you when you are no longer here?

At Brettian Productions, we will strive to reach a nation of people who long to hear a message of hope. A message that says, just like Mandela forgave the people who held him oppressed for so many years, God will forgive you of all your transgressions, and all you need to do is ask! He loves you more than anything.He bore your sin on a cross so that you never need to feel ashamed. 

Thank you for being a living example of what it means to forgive, Tata. May you rest in peace.  

Former Idols South Africa top 4 finalist releases her music video for Foreigners (Sons of God)

Tender Mavundla, former Idols South Africa top 4 finalist releases a new music video from her debut Gospel album – Gospel Moments

Former Idols South Africa top 4 finalist, Tender Mavundla has released her music video for the well-loved Gospel track, Foreigners (Sons of God). Tender, who was voted out of the popular reality television show back in 2007, has come a long way since then, with her debut Gospel album, Gospel Moments, released in September of this year.

Tender Mavundla - Gospel Moments

The video was directed by award winnerDanny Antill of Brettian Productions and the story board remains very close to Tender’s life experiences. It reflects a young woman in a bar, unsatisfied with her life. The barman gives her the number of a pastor that he knows and she goes straight from a night out on the town to see him. Her mother’s prayers are answered when she turns her life around and the video ends with Tender at a bible study with her friends.

2013 has been a big year for the singer and motivational speaker, with the birth of her baby girl, Naledi and the release of her album. Tender uses her music to open doors for her to speak out against the stigma of being HIV positive. She has lived healthily with the diagnosis since 2001 and her daughter was born HIV negative. “People need to know that HIV can be managed just like any other disease,” says Tender. “It saddens me so much when people just give up and fail to take care of themselves. If I can live a healthy lifestyle, so can they.”

Tender Mavundla’s album Gospel Moments is distributed by Brettian Productions and is available now in stores or on iTunes / Banana Tunes

Watch the video here:

For bookings contact 

Collen Dlamini

Manager for Tender Mavundla

CELL: 072 777 0971

MAIL: mcdhlamini@gmail.com

Follow Tender Mavundla on Twitter and Facebook

Debut music video from LiG-WeG – DROOGTE

Check out the first music video by new Afrikaans Christian rock band – LiG-WeG! The song is called Droogte and it appears on their debut self-titled album. The album is available on iTunes or in CUM and Gospel Direct stores nationwide. You can also order the album directly from http://www.brettian.com

Thank you to Dunkeld Country Estate for letting us shoot in your beautiful forest!

Christmas with a Capital C

This morning I thought it would be fitting to revisit an old review. Read all about Christmas with a Capital C and let us know your thoughts on the subject

Entertainment for life


With the Christmas Season upon us, I find it apt to share a story with you that reminded me exactly why we celebrate this wonderful holiday. It’s very easy to get lost in the over commercialization of the season. You may have even noticed that society is beginning to leave out the very essence of Christmas by replacing “Christ” with a politically correct “X” in their holiday greetings. “Christmas with a Capital C” is a film that has more than a few great lessons to teach us when it comes to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.


Christmas has always been a time of love and tradition in small town Trapper Falls; hometown of Mayor Dan Reed (Ted McGinley). With his brother Greg (Brad Stine), they drape the town in Christmas cheer, paying special attention to the Nativity scene. When Dan’s high…

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